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This is one of the easiest ten-minute review we're ever likely to take on. In fact, forget the first TEN minutes. In the first TWO minutes, everyone who isn't deaf and dumb, asleep, or under the age of four will know exactly what this movie is, if they didn't already know when they saw the trailer or movie poster.
So what is it? It's a chick flick that isn't content with being a chick flick, so it tries in earnest (and in vain) to also reach the portion of the audience who is only seeing the movie to please their better halves. It wants so much to be the next When Harry Met Sally..., but (I'm guessing) will only manage to be a bad rip-off of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. And that's not really a movie to strive for.
I know McConaughey is prone to doing this kind of crap, but what the hell was I thinking?!
So, in addition to the usual paint-by-numbers chick flick formula, we're gonna get a heavy dose of wanna-be-cool, wanna-be-hip, wanna-be-guy-funny, wanna-be-funny-at-all jokes. Now, to be sure, a certain percentage of these jokes actually will be funny or at least somewhat amusing, but no guy in his right mind would admit it. And if they did, they certainly wouldn't dare to be seen laughing at them.
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against a good chick flick, and I have no problem saying that. It's not the "chick" part of Ghosts of Blah Blah that's gonna suck, it'll be the whole flick.
Gee, I was right. So, why did I watch the whole stinking pile? Cuz I'm stupid, and I had nothing better to do. I'm giving it a quarter-star because Jennifer Garner is pretty, and another quarter-star cuz Emma Stone is mildly amusing (although she was better in The House Bunny).
Whoa, watch out, ladies! Matthew McConaugheyy is going to fuck your shit up!!! Well I think we all know what happens in this one; he gets a soul, gets a lady, and is monogamous, as he finally understands the true meaning of a relationship.
BUT... Wouldn't it be funny if he just continued on being like this for the entire movie and it really didn't have a plot? It was just him walking around humping women? I bet some people would watch that. It would also be funny if the movie was really about the Japanese archery lady in the first ten minutes. I would watch that.
Do I want to keep watching this? Yes because I'm a chick and I watch chick flicks sometimes. I'm going to choose to go brain dead for about 2 hours. Then I'm going to eat some chocolate because chicks do that too.
(Bri: I knew Jess was gonna do this to me. She said she was gonna watch this crappy movie, but when she gave the first ten minutes half a star, I knew she was gonna bail on me. Why I'm still sitting here watching this tripe is beyond me.)
(Bri: Someday, Jess will find this turd on On-Demand and watch the whole thing. When that happens, she can write her follow-up.)