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by Sugarcube
28 Feb 2005, 05:30
Forum: Open Ended
Topic: Random thing that made you happy
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Warren G's Regulate is plaing on the radio :cool2:
Losing myself in old memories :love3:

Lots of FW activity, no work being done. This day is getting better and better..
by Sugarcube
25 Feb 2005, 07:22
Forum: QuizWise
Topic: Game: Last Line of a Movie
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"You're both right."
by Sugarcube
24 Feb 2005, 01:05
Forum: Movie Madness
Topic: Good Original Serial Killer Ideas - Possible SPOILERS
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Nunis wrote:

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[quote="Spoilervision"][color=FAFAFA]Luke, I am your father.[/color][/quote] 


Luke wrote:Noooooooooooooooooooo.
by Sugarcube
08 Feb 2005, 14:55
Forum: Movie Madness
Topic: The Last Three Movies You've Watched
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Some recent purchases that i finally got around to watch, and three great ones at that.. Videodrome (1983) (rewatch) Well, this is certainly one of Cronenbergs best. Of course the film feels a bit dated, but his twisted mind is certainly not. It's funny, I remember this as being really scary (quite ...
by Sugarcube
08 Feb 2005, 14:20
Forum: Movie Madness
Topic: Who'd You Rather 2005 (Females) Grand Final
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A2 wrote:Liz

:green: These will do
by Sugarcube
11 Jan 2005, 01:06
Forum: QuizWise
Topic: Name three...
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Romancing the Stone
by Sugarcube
20 Dec 2004, 02:15
Forum: Movie Madness
Topic: Re-cast a movie with FWers
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And of course, it is well known that all Swedes :rant: backwards..
by Sugarcube
09 Dec 2004, 04:19
Forum: QuizWise
Topic: Name three... that I'm thinking of
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Living In Oblivion
State And Main
by Sugarcube
24 Nov 2004, 01:56
Forum: Open Ended
Topic: Sequitur
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by Sugarcube
22 Nov 2004, 04:11
Forum: Movie News and Trailers
Topic: Evil Dead Remake
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I'm trying hard to keep the Dawn of the Dead remake in mind and remember that while it's unlikely, it is in fact possible to remake something really well. But part of me can't help but to think, "Ok, FINE, why don't we just remake EVERYTHING?? Let's just stop making anything new altogether. Instead...
by Sugarcube
26 Oct 2004, 01:23
Forum: Open Ended
Topic: The Best TV Comedy Show Ever is The Simpsons!
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Group D All in the Family Dad's Army Futurama 8 Grosse Pointe Harvey Birdman: Attourney at Law I'm Alan Partridge Kids In The Hall, The 6 Mr. Bean 5 Seinfeld 7 Sports Night Steptoe & Son WKRP in Cincinatti Those are all I've seen. Not bad considering the fact that I don't have a TV!
by Sugarcube
25 Oct 2004, 02:08
Forum: QuizWise
Topic: Movie Connections ver. 2.0
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Jeff Goldblum in The Fly 8)

(Billy Elliott)
by Sugarcube
24 Oct 2004, 01:55
Forum: Television
Topic: The Best/Worst Ever Simpsons Episode
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Tough one.. there are so many of them..

One of my favourites is definitely the one where Homer thinks Bart is gay. The ending is just priceless. And of course any episode with sideshow Bob.. :joker:

As for the worst, that's more difficult. I think the whole first season is a bit lame.
by Sugarcube
21 Oct 2004, 03:44
Forum: QuizWise
Topic: Name three...
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Well, one is easy..
Indy and the temple of doom

:joker: :joker: :joker:
:joker: :joker: :joker: <---- Celebrating my first post here
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