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Books to Movies

#1 Post by fivestyle » 28 Nov 2003, 07:12

Ok i just saw Timeline and although my friends liked it I was greatly dissapointed and I believe it was because I read the book before seeing the movie. Now I can overlook the historical and physical impossibilities the movie made up(ex. an entire French army including seige weapons marches to, sets up, and begins attacking a castle in a little over 1hour) but they completely changed the story.

Whats worse is that the movie is based off of a Crichton book which are generally written like movies very visual and done in scenes. I understand the difficulties of telling a written story that is in excess of 600pgs in 2 hours time but I don't understand why the stories are completely dumbed down and changed.

For instance LoTR had a few things changed and scenes left out but the story and the essence of the books is still there and they are great movies. I also didn't mind the adaption of Interview with the Vampire although Queen of the Damned sucked. Sphere is the only book to movie transition which seemed pretty exact but the book was terrible.

Im voting Congo as the WORST book to movie adaption what a waste of a good story. Anyway just getting this off my chest cause its been irritating me for a very long time.

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#2 Post by maddan » 28 Nov 2003, 08:47

The maltese falcon is filmed almost scene for scene, the character of the lawyer is left out together with the two phone calls and one meeting he appear's in, but I think that's the only change.

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