Maid in Manhattan***SPOILER ALERT****

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Maid in Manhattan***SPOILER ALERT****

#1 Post by AMCamerican » 08 Jan 2003, 19:47

I saw this movie the other day and it was okay i guess. What I really want to post about though is some of the dialogue.

When asked by her son why Simon & Garfunkel broke up, J-Lo says "I don't know. You can google it when you get to school." Thats so cool. I use every single day and had never heard of it refered to in that way. And for us FWers, could we "IMDB it"?

Oh and theres a scene where the politician that J-Lo is in love with is eating lunch with his advisor and theres at a really shiny black counter/table that reflects the buildings in the background. But the table is in the shot for only 3 inches at the bottom of the frame and it pisses me off. Don't have ass a shot! If you're going to have the reflection then show the reflection in way that is visualy pleasing and with a purpose. I hate it when people dont take advantage of the setting around them and its little things like this that can change a shot from crap/nothing special to fantastic.
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