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#1 Post by Dawson » 28 Nov 2011, 12:31


Surprised there isn't a thread about this, and it seems to slip under the radar everywhere. Over in the UK it is shown on more4, not the most popular of channels. This show though, it's every bit as gritty as the early Shield and the casting is inspired. Even C Thomas Howell is watchable but its mainly down to the 4 main characters

Regina King as a homicide detective, Shawn Hatosy as a streetgang detective, and the 2 uniformed officers played by Ben McKenzie (yes, that's right, from the OC) and Michael Cudlitz. They basically have a few differetn interlocking stories each week, but its just a lot more realistic than other shows and goes a little deeper.

Dunno if anyone else watches this but this show is now my highlight of the week. (plus it has one of the best opening themes I've heard in a while)
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