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The Jeselnik Offensive

Posted: 04 Nov 2012, 11:05
by alan smithee
Starts late next January (Feb 14?)

(from here)
Jeselnik wrote:January's a big month; I have a new special coming out, a new album coming out, and then I have a TV show premiering. I'll be premiering after Tosh. It's called The Jeselnik Offensive. We're doing ten episodes […] I want to have a show where I can talk about what's going on that week, I wanna do, kinda like, the fun stories. I don't wanna be like Daily Show, talking about politics; I wanna talk about the chef who murdered his wife and boiled her body for four days […] It will be kind of like The Burn, where I have other comics to talk to. I can't have a celebrity guest where I'm like, "what's your movie about?" I just don’t care. I'll have comics on and just mess around with them