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Author:  TK421 [ 19 Dec 2005, 10:59 ]
Post subject:  Tips for Googling...

I was hoping that someone would be so kind as to pass along some tips for Googling these addictive little pictures.

I understand the concept, but I'm having a hard time getting the knack of what to use in the search strings.

For example, using #1 from puzzle 262, I might type:
movie scene + diner + pancakes + overcoat

Nine times out of ten (or worse, probably) my searches turn up nothing useful. Any tips would be great.

Author:  Amethaul [ 19 Dec 2005, 12:11 ]
Post subject: 

That's pretty close. I didn't try it but I did try this:

Movie pancakes shake container trenchcoat

The answer was the 5th one down.

Some things are very hard to google...there are too many little things or not enough that are truely distinctive. Others have some writing on them and that makes them a little easier. But not always. If you get a lot of movies you know it's not, eliminate them.

Say you're looking for a prison movie, you're not sure which, but you're sure it's not Shashank Redemption. Try:

movie prison -"shawshank redemption"

Usually, if you don't find the movie you're looking for with in the first 100 hits, try searching with something else or eliminating words/phrases.

Try variations of words too, such as "film" instead of "movie". Sometimes it helps if you put "dvd" in your searches because most of the stuff The Boyz put out as invisables are available on DVD. It's rare that you don't, but not unheard of.

Sometimes you just have to guess at the actor/actress and use and look up what they've done. An example, I was sure Yule Brener was the person depicted in one invisable. I was convinced it was West World...I was wrong. Turns out it was The Magnificent Seven. But I was right about the actor. Use your hunches and role with them.

Hope that little bit helps.

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