May releases

If you have information or questions about any available or future DVD release, this is the place to post it.
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May releases

#1 Post by Coco » 28 Apr 2003, 06:31

Thought I'd try and start up a monthly releases thread, for people to post what they are looking forward to and make suggestions for what to buy. I usually go DVD shopping and never know whats out or what I want and usually end up not buying something I'd really like, blah blah blah.

My must buys for May are

1. Jam - Chris Morris series wickedly surreal and funny (out now)
2. Family Guy series 3 - Just hilariously funny (May 16th)
3. GONY - I won't go into it but :D (May 30th I think)
4. Once Upon a Time in America Special Edition - Buy it, buy it, buy it (May 30th I think)
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