do anybody like to listen to the audio commtaries track

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#51 Post by Middle » 14 Aug 2007, 05:51

ze424 wrote:I'm looking for a good site with reviews/descriptions of audio commentaries. Commentary DVD and Rate That Commentary seem to be the most popular, but they seem somewhat incomplete. Does anyone know of others?
No, not really. Although most of my dvd's are SE's (so usually offer commentaries), I have hardly ever used the feature. I should start out with either Spinal Tap, or a Monty Python movie (although then anything I view later will probably be far more boring)...
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#52 Post by Mr.StayPuft » 14 Aug 2007, 09:50

The only commentary I ever enjoyed was Dr. Zoidberg's commentary on "The Birdbot of Icecatraz".

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