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#1 Post by Phil_Hart » 29 May 2003, 05:31

I don't know if anyone else had heard of this, but apparently it's the world's biggest short film competition.

I don't think many people other than wannabe film-makers know about it, so i'm going to give it a plug here.

I went to the festival this year, and the films are fantastic. They're quirky, funny, informative, dramatic and just all around great.

14 finalists were chosen from over 700 under 7 minute films, and the winner gets a meeting with a producer to see if a future deal can be made.

If you ever get a chance to watch any kind of short films, i suggest you do so because a lot more good short films are made than feature length ones in a year, and not enough people know it.

I know this isn't really a discussion thread, but I felt like adding it because it's a subject that isn't addressed a lot in a film messageboard.
Me too...

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