"Cowboys & Aliens"

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"Cowboys & Aliens"

#1 Post by alan smithee » 16 Jun 2008, 14:42

Robert Downey Jr. wants to play COWBOYS & ALIENS
16 Jun 08
In his first negotiations since IRON MAN, Robert Downey Jr. has decided to join DreamWorks/Universal's COWBOYS AND INDIANS with a potential 2010 tentpole release. The story takes place in the Old West where Downey plays a Union Army gunslinger named Zeke Jackson during a battle between the Apache and Western settlers. But the two warring factions have to put aside their differences and work together when other worldly invaders start to show up. Even though the graphic novel has only been out a few years, the movie has been in development for 10, due to the fact that the story was pitched before it was written. The screenplay is being penned by Hawk Ostby and Mark Fergus, who wrote IRON MAN and CHILDREN OF MEN.

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