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DVD News and Stuff
The Big Picture DVD - DVD news, software & hardware reviews, editorials, interviews and release schedules.
Digital Bits - DVD news, reviews, editorials, interviews, release schedules, forums and the Rumor Mill.
DVD File - DVD news, reviews, editorials, interviews and release schedules.
DVD Review - DVD news, software & hardware reviews, editorials, interviews, forums, release schedules, cover and menu galleries.
DVD Talk - DVD news, reviews, editorials, talk forums, release schedules and newsletters.
FilmBabel - More movie quizzes, contests, and reviews!

DVD Movie Board Games
Scene It? - The best DVD movie game in the world. (We might be a bit biased cuz we helped develop the content and stuff.)

Miscellaneous Movie Sites
The Movie Network - TMN works with Actors/Actresses, Producers, Directors, and Agents to try and ensure that our readers have access to the latest pictures, videos, and news updates about their favorite people and movies.
Drew's Scriptorama - Screenplays and shooting scripts for thousands of movies.
Editing Room - Rips apart movies with hilarious abridged screenplays.
eFilmCritic - Movie reviews, news and editorials with a sarcastic slant.
Screen Junkies - Where guys go to get honest and authoritative advice on what movies and TV shows they should watch and which ones they should avoid at all costs.
IMDB (Internet Movie DataBase) - You probably know this one by now.
JoBlo's Movie Emporium - Movie and DVD reviews, quizzes, trailers, screensavers, interviews and discussion boards.
Movie Juice - Very funny site with movie reviews and interviews, with hilarious video and audio clips.
Rotten Tomatoes - Links to current movie reviews from hundreds of online movie critics.
ScreenPlay - A fledgling FilmWise, with several types of quizzes, updated on a weekly basis.
The Z Review - UK Movie Portal by fans for fans.