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A Character Study
Most of us can identify a movie when given a list of the actors who play the main characters. But how many movies can you name from the main characters themselves? That's what we're here to find out! In each question, we've given you the names of several of the main characters from a movie, and you must figure out what the movies are. (Yes, these are easy to look up on IMDB, but first see how many you can get on your own!)
1. Annie Savoy
"Nuke" LaLoosh
Crash Davis
2. Natalie Cook
Dylan Sanders
Alex Munday
3. Chris Taylor
Bob Barnes
Elias Grodin
4. Daryl Van Horne
Alexandra Medford
Jane Spofford
Sukie Ridgemont
5. C.D. Bales
Chris McConnell
Roxanne Kowalski
6. Maggie Carpenter
Ike Graham
Peggy Flemming
7. Allen Bauer
Walter Kornbluth
Freddie Bauer
8. Jeffrey Beaumont
Frank Booth
Dorothy Vallens
Sandy Williams
9. Leonard Shelby
"Teddy" Gammell
Sammy Jankis
10. Randle Patrick McMurphy
Mildred Ratched
11. Roger Thornhill
Eve Kendall
Phillip Vandamm
12. Martin Bishop
Donald Crease
Erwin "Whistler" Emory
13. Jimmy Conway
Henry Hill
Tommy DeVito
Frankie Carbone
14. Angela Hayes
Ricky Fitts
Jane Burnham
Buddy Kane
15. Iris Steensma
Travis Bickle
Charles Palantine
16. Benjamin L. Willard
William Kilgore
Walter E. Kurtz
17. Judy Bernly
Violet Newstead
Doralee Rhodes
Franklin M. Hart, Jr.
18. Karen Flores
Chili Palmer
Harry Zimm
Martin Weir
19. Edward Lewis
Vivian Ward
Barney Thompson
20. William Somerset
David Mills
John Doe
21. Sam Wheat
Molly Jensen
Oda Mae Brown
22. Harold "Mitch" Mitchell
Blanche DuBois
Stella Kowalski
23. Roy Neary
Claude Lacombe
Gillian Guiler
Barry Guiler
24. Vincent Hanna
Neil McCauley
Chris Shiherlis
25. Russell Hammond
William Miller
Lester Bangs
Penny Lane