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Prelude to a Kiss #2
Each of these snippets of dialog was followed by a romantic kiss. Name the movie each one is from.
She:   "I'm going back to Australia. I might never see you again."
He:   "Don't...don't talk that way, Sandy."
She:   "But it's true. I've just had the best summer of my life, and now I have to go away. It isn't fair."
She:   "So, do you enjoy being an actor?"
He:   "Sure. Yeah, it's very rewarding."
(awkward pause)
She:   "Hi."
He:   "Hi."
He:   "I...I love you."
She:   "Really?"
He:   "Really really."
She:   "I love you too."
She:   "I think this is a mistake."
He:   "There is no such thing as a mistake, there's what you do and what you don't do."
She:   "I can't do this."
(she leaves, then comes back)
She:   "I forgot my coat."
She:   "On Earth, they're calling you a hero, Gallagher."
He:   "God works in mysterious ways."
She:   "A memento?"
He:   "It's for Chantilas granddaughter. He had faith."
She:   "You are not who I thought you were."
She:   "Let me go."
He:   "I can't let go. I'm crazy about you."
She:   "You're crazy about me? You're crazy about me?! You're crazy about me?!!"
He:   "Meg. Meg. Meg. Meg. Meg. I didn't fight McKinney. I didn't fight him. Ok?! I went to the school and I realized I'm not afraid anymore. I'm not afraid not to fight. A parking space isn't worth fighting for. You're worth fighting for. You have a gift for helping and I know because you saw something in me when I lost sight of myself. You're what I want. I, I, I don't think there's anything about you I don't like."
She:   "My ears aren't perfectly even."
He:   "I like that. There's something else."
She:   "What's that?"
He:   "You really did cure me. See? No holes."
She:   "You put up one hell of a fight, Joe."
She#1:   "Okay then, listen. Let's not get caught."
She#2:   "What're you talkin' about?"
She#1:   "Let's keep going."
She#2:   "What do you mean?"
She#1:   "Go."
She#2:   "You sure?"
She#1:   "Yeah. Hit it."
She:   "Where are we going to go?"
He:   "Well, I'm not sure yet. Wherever you want. We're gonna have a lot of money after this, but it ain't the kind of money that we can live like hogs in the fat house forever. I was thinking we could go down, somewhere in the South Pacific. The kind of money we're gonna have would carry us a long way down there."
She:   "If we wanted, we could live in Bora Bora?"
He:   "You betcha. And if after a while you didn't dig that, go someplace else, maybe Tahiti. Mexico."
She:   "But I do not speak Spanish."
He:   "Well, you don't speak Bora Bora either. Besides, Mexican is easy. ¿Donde esta el zapateria?"
She:   "What does that mean?"
He:   "Where is the shoe store?"
She:   "¿Donde esta --"
He:   "Spit, please."
(she spits)
She:   "¿Donde esta el zapateria?"
He:   "Excellent pronunciation."
She:   "I never went out with a freshman. Not even when I was a freshman."
He:   "Me either."
She:   "You were pretty crazy."
He:   "I was?"
She:   "Yeah. But you know what I liked best?"
He:   "My clean close shave?"
She:   "No. Waking up in your arms."
He:   "These things?"
He:   "Listen, I was thinking, um, you know, when we get back to the city, after we write up our report and you get all ugly again...I don't know...maybe we could have dinner, you know?"
She:   "What, you like asking me on a date?"
He:   "No, just a casual dinner..."
She:   "Huh."
He:   "And if we happen to have sex afterward, so be it."
She:   "You think I'm gorgeous, you wanna date me, love me, and marry me..."
He:   "How about having sex while boosting cars?"
She:   "God, that's a good line. Doesn't work on a lot of girls, though."
He:   "I just blurted it out, I'm sorry. But you haven't answered the question."
She:   "Well, you see, the problem is, how do you get over the shifter?"
He:   "Oh, oh, right, cuz the, uh --"
She:   "Cuz it gets in the way."
He:   "Because you wouldn't want to disrupt the, uh, synchromesh, right? Or the throttle linkage."
He:   "Well, a portrait. Do you see a portrait?"
She:   "No."
He:   "If I could just find the key, the beginning, and, and, and put it together, I --"
She:   "And so explain it away? There's a way to explain it, you see. If I'm mad, then that would explain it, wouldn't it?"
(she runs off, he follows)
He:   "Madeline!"
She:   "Oh Scottie, I'm not mad! I'm not mad! I don't want to die. There's someone within me and she says I must die. Oh Scottie, don't let me go."
He:   "I'm here, I've got you."
She:   "I'm so afraid."
(kiss and the waves crash and stuff, very dramatic)
He:   "I don't know how women get so brave. That's all."
She:   "You think that's brave? I was so scared. God, I'm always so scared."
He:   "It's not brave if you're not scared."
She:   "Well, you have a good face, too."
She:   "Crash, that was fabulous."
He:   "Crash? You mean Nuke. You said Crash."
She:   "No, listen, I said Nuke."
He:   "You said Crash."
She:   "Oh, no I didn't. Listen sweetheart, you shouldn't listen to what a woman says when she's in the throes of passion. They say the darnedest things."
He:   "Yeah, you said Crash."
She:   "Honey, would you rather I'd be makin' love to him using your name, or makin' love to you using his name?"
He:   "Yeah, maybe you're right."
He:   "Dancing in the elevator."
She:   "It's nice. You're very good. Iris missed a beautiful dance."
He:   "Yeah."
She:   "And a kiss."
He:   "Yeah, a kiss."
She:   "Have you ever kissed a girl?"
He:   "I don't know."
She:   "You don't know? Open your mouth. Open."
He:   "Yeah."
She:   "Like this. Like you're tasting something very good, and very soft."
He:   "Yeah."
She:   "Like this. Close your eyes. It's okay."
He:   "Yeah."