FilmWise Quizzes
9/20/21 The Drawing Room: Name the movies that are flexing their artistic muscles.
7/26/21 Life's a Beach: Name the movies that have hit the beach for some summertime fun.
6/7/21 The Big Day!: Name the movies that feature these weddiing scenes.
4/15/21 Horsing Around: What movies are engaging in a little horse play?
2/19/21 What Comes Next?: What movies have sealed these characters' fates?
1/18/21 Order in the Court!: Can you name these courtroom scenes?
4/3 When They Were Young: What actors do these youngsters grow up to become?
2/20 The Android-genous Zone: Hitting the sweet spot with some cinematic cyborgs.
1/1 Dreaming of a White New Year: Ring in the new year with a brand new quiz on some of our favorite snowy scenes!
12/31 Science Class: Ornithology 101: Take flight with this lesson that's truly for the birds. (Ha ha ha! Get it??)
11/8 Science Class: Fauna 101: Pop quiz! Today's topic: the animal kingdom.
8/16 Science Class: Flora 101: Go back to school with this study on unique plantlife.
6/30 Pistol-Whipped: Bringing out the big guns!
5/31 Home Sweet Home: Taking up residence in some cinematic houses.
5/9 Against the Clock: These flicks are giving you the time of day.
4/27 Splish Splash #2: Taking a bath at the movies!
3/24 Just Desserts: Save some room for these tasty treats.
3/2 Doors, Doors and More Doors: An open and shut puzzle.
8/3 All the World's a Stage: Big-screen stage productions.
3/9 Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Identify these "moving" scenes.
2/10 The Beauty of the Beast: A ghastly group of goblins and ghoulies and gremlins, etc...
12/4 Say What #2: More images that are lost in translation.
9/14 Doing the Splits: A look at some cinematic divides.
7/19 But Of Corpse #5: More shots of people that have, like, bit the dust and stuff.
All of the earlier quizzes have been locked away in the FilmWise vault, as we are planning on re-building with newer and better quizzes. We may do something with them in the future, but for now, they are out of commission.

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Past Contests:
These contests may be over, but they still make for some pretty good visual quizzes.
Contest #23: Boyz on Film #2
Contest #22: Blankety-Blank
Contest #21: LOFW: Return of the Oscar
Contest #20: Boyz on Film
Contest #19: Invisibles Gone Wrong
Contest #18: When They Were Young
Contest #17: FilmWise on Film - The Sequel
Contest #16: Paper Dolls
Contest #15: Oscar Strikes Back!
Contest #14: Trick or Treat!
Contest #13: Barbie and Ken Go to the Movies
Contest #12: Author! Author!
Contest #11: Oscar Moments Redux
Contest #10: Movie Rebuses
Contest #9: Something's Missing
Contest #8: DVD Cover Art - Invisible Style!
Contest #7: What's in a Nickname?
Contest #6: Unknown Comics
Contest #5: Storyboarding
Contest #4: Heavy Petting
Contest #3: The Real Deal
Contest #2: FilmWise on Film
Contest #1: Oscar Moments