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Contest #10: Movie Rebuses  

1. "The Money Pit" ("Money" + Brad "Pitt")

2. "Red Dawn" ("Red" (Morgan Freeman's character in "The Shawshank Redemption") + "Don" Knotts)

3. "Billy Elliot" ("Billy" Madison + "Elliot" from "E.T.")

4. "Three Fugitives" (We'll also accept "Richard III")

5. "Pi" (We will not accept "American Pie" because this image is from the movie. See the contest Notes.)

6. "Congo" (James "Caan" + the movie "Go")

7. "Youngblood" (Sean "Young" + "Blood")

8. "Ladybugs" ("Lady" + "Bugs" Bunny)

9. "Cool Hand Luke" ("Cool" (character's name in "Parenthood") + Mr. "Hand" + "Luke" Skywalker)

10. "Happiness" ("Happy" Gilmore + Elliot "Ness")

11. "Willow" ("Will" Hunting + Rob "Lowe")

12. "Sleepy Hollow" ("Sleepy" + Anthony Michael "Hall" + the movie "O")

13. "The Rocketeer" ("Rocket" + "Ear")

14. "Bowfinger" ("Beau" Bridges + the "Finger")

15. "The Ice Storm" ("Ice" Cube + "Storm" from "X-Men")

16. "Jackie Brown" ("Jack" Nicholson + "Key" + James "Brown")
The Boyz congratulate

Donna Dawe

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Movie Rebuses!

Contest #10
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1,812 entries)

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