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3/30: Invisibles Quiz #993 is up and active, and we've posted the answers and high scores for Invisibles Quiz #992.
3/23: Invisibles Quiz #992 is up and active, and we've posted the answers and high scores for Invisibles Quiz #991.
3/17: FilmWise Maintenance!

Just a warning that I am in the middle of migrating FilmWise to a different server. This might take a week or so, and there may be some wonky-ness as we work out all of the details. Hopefully, it will be relatively seamless, we'll see. I imagine some Forum posts over the next few days will end up being lost, but I'll try to minimize the damage. Thanks for your support and patience and stuff!

7/8: I Created a Jaws Game!

I suppose most FilmWisers do not realize that I have a day job. And that day job is designing board games. And my latest game was released last week. And since my latest game is movie-related, I figgered I'd plug it to all of you!

It's based on the original summer blockbuster, Jaws! If you're a board gamer, give it a try and let me know what you think!

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