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Contest #13: Barbie and Ken Go to the Movies
The Boyz congratulate
Zachary Beckler
for winning Contest #13:
Barbie and Ken
Go to the Movies!
Barbie and Ken have stormed Hollywood for the latest FilmWise contest! Actually, the part of Ken is being played by *NSYNC's Justin Timberlake, due in part to a scarcity of good Ken dolls at Toys-R-Us, and due in larger part to the fact that Justin and his pals were on sale for 8 bucks. That's unbeatable! So, for your chance at a free DVD, name as many movies as you can that Barbie and "Ken" have infiltrated. Ties will be settled through a random drawing.
1. Movie:
2. Movie:
3. Movie:
4. Movie:
5. Movie:
6. Movie:
7. Movie:
8. Movie:
9. Movie:
10.   Movie:
11.   Movie:
12.   Movie:
13.   Movie:
14.   Movie:
15.   Movie:
16.   Movie: