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Contest #18: When They Were Young Answers

1. "The Royal Tenenbaums"

2. "Don Juan DeMarco"

3. "Jumanji"

4. "Defending your Life"

5. "Almost Famous"

6. "May"

7. "It's a Wonderful Life"

8. "Unbreakable"

9. "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle"

10. "Spider"

11. "Amadeus"

12. "Forrest Gump"

13. "Boyz 'N the Hood"

14. "Pearl Harbor"

15. "Amelie"

16. "The Hours"
The Boyz congratulate
the following winners of
Contest #18:
When They Were Young
1st Prize: Jame Gumb
2nd Prize: Toni m. J
3rd Prize: Brent Knab
Out of the 2,315 entries
we received, 39 had perfect
scores, and these three were
lucky enough to be drawn
out of the FilmWise hat.

Contest #18 Scores
(ended 11/1/03,
2,315 entries)
Name Score
Jame Gumb16
Toni m. J16
Brent Knab16
Angela Thompson16
Cheri Bauder16
Charlene Mae16
Chris Creel16
Phil from T-Town16
Chico Dedick16
Emma White16
"Odd Todd" LaPlante16
Frank Thompson16
Greg Dean Schmitz16
Toto le Heros16
Jeremy Horwitz16
Jayson Javier16
Steel Frog16
Joan Brown16
Taylor Dahl16
Linda Woodfin16
Lori Bazan16
kristen van tassel16
Mary Radke16
Cookie Monster16
Vickie McGrew16
Judith Milne16
pete karlovich16
Julie Lawrence16
Nicholas Critelli16
Omar Nales16
Mark Zehr16
Pam Morse16
Chris Jones16
Sebastian Fuhrer16
Chris Seyer16
suzanne boulter16
Zachary Beckler16
Alex Lauren15
Sandra Lopez15
Brian Simons15
barbara freedman15
Beau Wilcox15
Cary Gordon15
Jerri Northington15
John Sams15
Angel Vapors15
Crystal Barr15
Geoff Bough15
Danice Hall15
Belinda Moore15
Jill Gilbert15
jenn middleton15
James R. Pawlik15
Jeff Yorkes15
Karen Dragun15
Peter Morris15
michael dibbert15
S. M. Marracco15
Pamela Broome15
Karen Preston15
Richard Murray15
Rob Balentine15
Sandy Weiss, Jr.15
Tami Gratti15
The Big Willey15
Toni Ellington15
Linda Lee Z15
Aaron Wilson15
complete list...