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Contest #24:
Holiday Cheer!
(Ended January 16, 2011)

Here's a little contest to brighten up your holidays! And to make things even brighter, it's a double contest! We've teamed up with the good folks at to present this first-ever joint contest! So, after you fill out the contest below, jump over to FilmBabel and take the other half.

Be sure to give the same name and email address for both halves of the contest. After the deadline, we will add up the scores for both halves and the people with the highest totals will be our winners. You may submit as many times as you wish, but we will only use the last set of answers you submit. Good luck!

Ended January 16, 2011
The Boyz would like to
congratulate the winners of
Contest #24: Holiday Cheer!
Tied for 1st Place:
spymeg and Daniel Doty
3rd Place:
Thanks to everyone
who participated!

The Sounds of Christmas
1. Movie:
2. Movie:
3. Movie:
4. Movie:
5. Movie:
6. Movie:
7. Movie:
8. Movie:
9. Movie:
10. Movie:
The Sights of Christmas
11. Movie:
12. Movie:
13. Movie:
14. Movie:
15. Movie:
16. Movie:
17. Movie:
18. Movie:
19. Movie:
20. Movie:
The Wanna-be Santas
These are not Christmas movies, but the actors appear to be trying to Christmas-ize them.
21. Movie:
22. Movie:
23. Movie:
24. Movie: