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Big Screen, Small Screen Answers
1.  Big screen: Raul Julia    Small screen: John Astin
  Gomez Addams ("The Addams Family")
2.  Big screen: Dan Aykroyd    Small screen: Jack Webb
  Joe Friday ("Dragnet")
3.  Big screen: Ben Stiller    Small screen: Paul Michael Glaser
  David Starsky ("Starsky and Hutch")
4.  Big screen: Goldie Hawn    Small screen: Lorna Patterson
  Judy Benjamin ("Private Benjamin")
5.  Big screen: Christopher Lloyd    Small screen: Ray Walston
  Uncle Martin ("My Favorite Martian")
6.  Big screen: Jim Varney    Small screen: Buddy Ebsen
  Jed Clampett ("The Beverly Hillbillies")
7.  Big screen: Claire Danes    Small screen: Peggy Lipton
  Julie Barnes ("The Mod Squad")
8.  Big screen: Walter Matthau    Small screen: Joseph Kearns
  George Wilson ("Dennis the Menace")
9.  Big screen: Will Smith    Small screen: Robert Conrad
  James West ("Wild Wild West")
10.  Big screen: Jennifer Lopez    Small screen: Carla Gugino
  Karen Sisco ("Out of Sight" and "Karen Sisco")
11.  Big screen: Christopher Walken    Small screen: Anthony Michael Hall
  John Smith ("The Dead Zone")
12.  Big screen: Kristy Swanson    Small screen: Sarah Michelle Gellar
  Buffy Summers ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")
13.  Big screen: Eddie Murphy    Small screen: Bill Cosby
  Alexander Scott ("I Spy")
14.  Big screen: Shelley Long    Small screen: Florence Henderson
  Carol Brady ("The Brady Bunch Movie" and"The Brady Bunch")
15.  Big screen: Jennifer Grey    Small screen: Jennifer Aniston
  Jeanie Bueller ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and"Ferris Bueller")
16.  Big screen: Colin Farrell    Small screen: Robert Urich
  Jim Street ("S.W.A.T.")
17.  Big screen: Elliott Gould    Small screen: Wayne Rogers
  "Trapper" John McIntyre ("M*A*S*H")
18.  Big screen: Nicole Kidman    Small screen: Elizabeth Montgomery
  Samantha Stephens ("Bewitched") (The movie will be out in 2005.)
19.  Big screen: Janine Turner    Small screen: Barbara Billingsley
  June Cleaver ("Leave it to Beaver")
20.  Big screen: Harrison Ford    Small screen: David Janssen
  Dr. Richard Kimble ("The Fugitive")
21.  Big screen: Bill Murray    Small screen: David Doyle
  John Bosley ("Charlie's Angels")
22.  Big screen: Alicia Silverstone    Small screen: Rachel Blanchard
  Cher Horowitz ("Clueless")
23.  Big screen: Walter Matthau    Small screen: Jack Klugman
  Oscar Madison ("The Odd Couple")
24.  Big screen: Heather Graham    Small screen: Marta Kristen
  Judy Robinson ("Lost in Space")