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Great Falls Answers

1. "Magnolia"

2. "Toy Story 2"

3. "What Dreams May Come"

4. "The Hudsucker Proxy"

5. "Dark City"

6. "South Park: The Movie"

7. "Bedazzled"

8. "Murder By Numbers"

9. "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back"

10. "Spider-Man"

11. "The Rescuers Down Under"

12. "The Lost Boys"

13. "The Fifth Element"

14. "Vertigo"

15. "Lethal Weapon"

16. "Old School"

17. "The Firm"

18. "Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace"

19. "Shanghai Knights"

20. "Cat's Eye"

21. "Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat"

22. "The Emperor's New Groove"

23. "The Big Lebowski"

24. "LOTR: The Two Towers"

25. "The Game"

26. "Rear Window"

27. "The Fugitive"