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Role Playing
Here's a quiz that's similar to our Character Study quiz a couple of months ago. However, instead of naming several characters from one movie which you must identify, we're giving you the names of several characters from different movies that were played by the same actor, which you must identify. Got it? Good.
1. Annie Porter
Ellen Roark
Sidda Walker
2. Vicomte de Valmont
Lennie Small
Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom
3. June Miller
Emma Peel
Mia Wallace
4. Buck Swope
Maurice "Snoopy" Miller
Basher Tarr
5. Rupert Pupkin
Harry Tuttle
Louis Cyphre
6. Frankie Paige
Mary Burke
Alabama Whitman
7. Lieutenant Marion Cobretti
Gabe Walker
Jack Carter
8. Dolly Pelliker
Florence "Rusty" Denis
Loretta Castorini
9. Ricky Slade
Lester Long
Trent Walker
10. Stanley Kowalski
Dr. Jack Mickler
Colonel Walter E. Kurtz
11. Libby Holden
Helen Boucher
Annie Wilkes
12. John Rooney
Henry Gondorff
Eddie Felson
13. Novalee Nation
Ann August
Padmé Amidala
14. George Wilson
Morris Buttermaker
Oscar Madison
15. Paul Maclean
Early Grayce
Jeffrey Goines
16. Teddy Barnes
Iris Gaines
Alex Forrest
17. Iceman Chambers
Luther Stickell
Buddy Bragg
18. J.D. Dean
Riley Hale
George Kuffs
19. Catherine Olds Banning
Natasha Fatale
Karen Flores
20. Kitty Baxter
Alex Munday
Princess Pei Pei
21. Clark "Mouth" Devereaux
Edgar Frog
Teddy Duchamp
22. Marty Coslaw
Dinger Holfield
Lucas Blye
23. Linda Greenlaw
Marian Dubois
Gina Montana
24. Ned Logan
William Somerset
Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding
25. Darby Shaw
Maggie Carpenter
Anna Scott