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All the World's a Stage Answers

1. "Napoleon Dynamite"

2. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

3. "The Illusionist"

4. "The Prestige"

5. "The Fabulous Baker Boys"

6. "King Kong"

7. "Tropic Thunder"

8. "Waiting for Guffman"

9. "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford"

10. "Rushmore"

11. "Marie Antoinette"

12. "Dreamgirls"

13. "August Rush"

14. "Lilo & Stitch"

15. "The Phantom of the Opera"

16. "Carrie"

17. "Hamlet 2"

18. "Shakespeare in Love"

19. "Being John Malkovich"

20. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

21. "The Addams Family"

22. "The Alamo"

23. "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"

24. "I'm Not There"

25. "Revolutionary Road"

26. "Finding Neverland"

27. "Cassandra's Dream"

28. "High School Musical 3: Senior Year"

29. "Dirty Dancing"

30. "Flashdance"