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Big Screen, Small Screen
Many movies make the jump to the small screen at some point, and many television shows get super-sized up to the big screen. The cast of characters is frequently played by different actors, sometimes due to the stars' unwillingness to play the roles, sometimes due to the fact that so much time has passed that the original stars are dead or so old that it would be ridiculous. Whatever the reasons, we've listed several pairs of actors below that played the same characters, one on the big screen, one on the small screen. We haven't indicated which version came first, that's for you to figure out. (It's usually pretty obvious.) See how many characters and/or titles you can name.
1.  Big screen: Raul Julia    Small screen: John Astin
2.  Big screen: Dan Aykroyd    Small screen: Jack Webb
3.  Big screen: Ben Stiller    Small screen: Paul Michael Glaser
4.  Big screen: Goldie Hawn    Small screen: Lorna Patterson
5.  Big screen: Christopher Lloyd    Small screen: Ray Walston
6.  Big screen: Jim Varney    Small screen: Buddy Ebsen
7.  Big screen: Claire Danes    Small screen: Peggy Lipton
8.  Big screen: Walter Matthau    Small screen: Joseph Kearns
9.  Big screen: Will Smith    Small screen: Robert Conrad
10.  Big screen: Jennifer Lopez    Small screen: Carla Gugino
11.  Big screen: Christopher Walken    Small screen: Anthony Michael Hall
12.  Big screen: Kristy Swanson    Small screen: Sarah Michelle Gellar
13.  Big screen: Eddie Murphy    Small screen: Bill Cosby
14.  Big screen: Shelley Long    Small screen: Florence Henderson
15.  Big screen: Jennifer Grey    Small screen: Jennifer Aniston
16.  Big screen: Colin Farrell    Small screen: Robert Urich
17.  Big screen: Elliott Gould    Small screen: Wayne Rogers
18.  Big screen: Nicole Kidman    Small screen: Elizabeth Montgomery
19.  Big screen: Janine Turner    Small screen: Barbara Billingsley
20.  Big screen: Harrison Ford    Small screen: David Janssen
21.  Big screen: Bill Murray    Small screen: David Doyle
22.  Big screen: Alicia Silverstone    Small screen: Rachel Blanchard
23.  Big screen: Walter Matthau    Small screen: Jack Klugman
24.  Big screen: Heather Graham    Small screen: Marta Kristen