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4/3 When They Were Young: What actors do these youngsters grow up to become?
2/20 The Android-genous Zone: Hitting the sweet spot with some cinematic cyborgs.
1/1 Dreaming of a White New Year: Ring in the new year with a brand new quiz on some of our favorite snowy scenes!
12/31 Science Class: Ornithology 101: Take flight with this lesson that's truly for the birds. (Ha ha ha! Get it??)
11/8 Science Class: Fauna 101: Pop quiz! Today's topic: the animal kingdom.
8/16 Science Class: Flora 101: Go back to school with this study on unique plantlife.
6/30 Pistol-Whipped: Bringing out the big guns!
5/31 Home Sweet Home: Taking up residence in some cinematic houses.
5/9 Against the Clock: These flicks are giving you the time of day.
4/27 Splish Splash #2: Taking a bath at the movies!
3/24 Just Desserts: Save some room for these tasty treats.
3/2 Doors, Doors and More Doors: An open and shut puzzle.
8/3 All the World's a Stage: Big-screen stage productions.
3/9 Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Identify these "moving" scenes.
2/10 The Beauty of the Beast: A ghastly group of goblins and ghoulies and gremlins, etc...
12/4 Say What #2: More images that are lost in translation.
9/14 Doing the Splits: A look at some cinematic divides.
7/19 But Of Corpse #5: More shots of people that have, like, bit the dust and stuff.
6/12 A Little Cleavage: Or a lot, depending on the image...
5/18 Child's Play #2: What movies was a pesky brat trying to draw?
2/28 Forbidden Kisses: Lip-smacking goodness (and badness).
1/2 Crash Course: Planes, trains, and automobiles all wrecked up and stuff.
1/2 Title Lines #2: Conversations that contain the movie titles.
9/25 Child's Play: What movies was a pesky brat trying to draw?
6/13 A Time To Die: Poor souls at the ends of their ropes.
5/1 All Wet #2: Scenes of submersion.
4/18 Burnin' For You: When things get a bit too hot.
2/21 Commander in Chief: A Presidents' Day tribute to the U.S.'s head honcho.
2/7 Under Surveillance: Characters caught on candid cameras.
1/17 Seeing Red: A study in scarlet.
12/20 Parting Glances: Some final images.
12/20 Parting Words: Kinda like the Parting Glances puzzle, but with, like, words.
11/8 Movie Combos #2: The return of FilmWise's filmic fusions.
10/19 By the Book: Readings and writings from the celluloid world.
9/13 Hello, Dolly!: Who's playing with their dolls?
8/13 You Make Me Sick!: Apparently, Friday the 13th is not sitting well with these folks...
7/26 But Of Corpse #4: The stiffs strike back!
7/4 Getting Pyrotechnical: A 4th of July fireworks extravaganza!
6/14 Say What?: Some on-screen translations.
5/31 The Proverbial Bird #2: Practicing up again on our sign language.
5/10 The Ties that Bind: Some actors get wrapped up in their roles.
4/7 Great Falls: When people (and other critters) take the plunge.
3/29 In Therapy: Eavesdropping on some cinematic shrink sessions.
3/15 Looking Back: A glimpse at what's coming up behind us.
2/29 Oscar Also-Rans: We won't call them losers, but they didn't win.
2/9 Big Screen, Small Screen: Movie actors and their television counterparts.
1/31 Comp Time #2: Another look at some cinematic computer screens.
1/7 Location Location Location #2: A photographic memoir from The Boyz' global road trip!
12/8 From Behind: Some backdoor shenanigans.
11/19 A Little Credit: Giving credit where credit's due.
10/30 In Closing: FilmWise offers up some parting words.
10/21 Dog Days #2: The return of the filmic flea-bags.
9/28 The Simpsons Go to the Movies: A bit of cinematic spoofery from America's favorite family.
9/22 Narratives #2: If your name is Robert McKee, you'd best avoid this one.
9/11 Cut It Out #5: More cinematic snippery.
8/27 Directors' Orders: A glimpse at some incomplete resumés.
8/27 Hand Job: Now serving the hand fetishist.
8/5 A Matter of Feet: A foot fetishist's wet dream.
7/24 Role Playing: Who are these characters?
7/16 Cover Close-ups: A short-sighted view of DVD covers.
6/29 Magazine Rack: Perusing periodicals.
6/16 Something's Missing: Removing vital information.
6/10 Taking Orders: What's on the menu?
5/29 But Of Corpse! #3: The Boyz bring you another round of stiff ones!
5/19 Jail Jabber: Discussions from the clink.
5/14 In Animate Objects: The Boyz' parental and uncle-al movie choices.
5/6 A Character Study: Guess the movies behind the names.
4/18 Somebody's Watching Me: A voyeuristic voyage through the movies.
4/9 After the Beep...: Listening in on people's answering machine messages.
3/31 The Boyz (and Girlz) of Summer: An animated, bobblehead-laden salute to America's pastime.
3/5 Having a Blast!: Things that go boom in the movies.
2/11 Cut It Out #4: We've been cutting people out of the loop again.
2/10 Movie Anagrams #2: Another exercise in re-arranging.
2/10 Prelude to a Kiss #2: More lines that lead to a little mackin'.
1/20 Studio Sessions: Identifying the companies that fuel our film fires.
All of the Quizzes from before 2002 and earlier have been locked away in the FilmWise vault. We may do something with them in the future, but for now, they are out of commission.

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